Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why I'm never allowed to buy supplies ever again for the rest of my natural life

The answer is, No. This is not my entire stash. There is more of everything, and I haven't even taken pictures of the unfinished wood.


Deb at the Bunker Studio said...

I don't see a problem at all. Are you trying to say this is a bad thing? Supplies are good, they give you choices, they keep live interesting. We must have supplies and the more the better. Remind me to post mine when I get back from vacation. Trust me, you will feel like you need to go shopping after you see my supply stash! At least yours makes for a pretty display.

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY relate with you! I have tons and tons of bins full of supplies, but I can't bear to throw any out simply because what if I need it sometime! Somehow I always find an excuse to hit the craft store at least once a week - my husband has simply stopped asking. :)
Thanks for sharing your photos - it makes me feel better.

- Becky

Persimmons Gal said...

I think we all kid ourselves into believing we will not buy more but just when you're feeling strong there will be a new fabric you have to have or a new yarn you can't live without and it starts all over again!

JanelleGee said...

And I thought my 6.5 qt box of fabric (when I dont even sew) was bed.

I guess my 25 or so cameras are pretty bad. I will have to take pictures of the collection.

Lissa said...

Doh!! Um...yeah...that is alot!! But to be honest I have tons more beads than you have yarn and cloth LOL! It's just easier to store! Could you maybe do some shelving in a closet? That's what I'm making DH do...I have a hoarding problem..I think I need to own one strand of every gemstone.