Monday, January 26, 2009

My Red Shoes

In the Winter, I wear bright red shoes. All the time. With everything. Seriously.

I'm a pedestrian most of the time, so I needed some waterproof footwear. I hated the way most utilitarian boots looked, though. I'm a practical girl. I always like to look for something useful above something soley decorative, but that doesn't mean I want something bland. When I found a pair of fun, bright red shoes that do exactly what I need them to do, it was love at first site.

That thinking is also the motivation behind my shop. Fun and Functional. I want to make useful things for people, but I also want them to be something fun and/or pretty so they can be shown off. Something to be proud of.

I get teased a little for wanting to focus on functional things to make. A lot of people see handcrafting as an outlet for the decorative, rather than the useful. But this is how I roll. It won't make me rich, but at least I'll know that when someone buys something from me, it'll be used and loved a lot, rather than sit on a shelf.

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