Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yay! I don't have to set my stash on fire!

Mom wants me to make her a pair of typing gloves, but she's allergic to wool. I know I have some non-wool yarn in my stash, but I'm missing the lables to alot of it, so I would have had to do a burn test, which I actually recently learned how to do.

You set it on fire. No foolin'. You take a small piece of the yarn, and put a lit match to it. If it catches fire, it's not wool. If it snuffs itself out and smells like when you get some hair caught in your hair dryer, it's wool. Wool is flame retardant, which makes it ideal for kitchen towels and oven mitts.

Today, however, I decided to visit my local yarn shop to try to save myself the hassle of burning several boxes of yarn. In the back of the shop, I saw several great colors of a yarn called Sunday Best, which was 51% cotton, and 49% viscose. After asking the shop owner what the heck viscose was (basically Rayon™), I happily picked out a couple colors for Mom's gloves.

But I couldn't leave the shop just yet. That just doesn't happen in a yarn shop. You don't just waltz in, get the one thing you need, and march right out again. Before I knew it, my lunch hour was over, and these guys jumped into my arms.

800 yards of sport weight, hand dyed superwash wool later, now I have to find a pattern. TGFR (Thank Goodness For Ravelry!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh that yarn is gorgeous! Love it!