Thursday, August 28, 2008

Featured Friend: Tsurfer

Allow me to introduce my good friend Tsurfer! She is a fellow seller on both Etsy and Blujay. T is very impressive at the sewing machine, making and selling all kinds of great things for young and grown, alike.

From top to bottom, some of my favorite examples of her goods include a fabulous, bright and cheery purse, one of her famous Dammit Dolls (I have one of these at work, and it gets quite the workout!), and an absolutely adorable pillowcase dress for those absolutely adorable little girls in your life :)

Please stop by her shop. She is very talented and makes wonderful things. Tell her Betani sent you, and see if she rolls her eyes ;)

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Amanda said...

Nice feature bet! These purse organizers are my favourite in T's shop: